Flipintu is all about discovery. You have the opportunity to choose from editorial articles, community recommendations, special interest channels or suggestions based on your reading patterns. No longer do you search for what to read - it will find you!




You are free to read in whatever way you enjoy. Not only does Flipintu support on- and offline reading on all major platforms (Webbrowsers, Smartphones, Tablets). If you purchase e.g. an eBook you can also read it on your favorite eReader.




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Flipintu is open for everyone that writes or wants to start doing so. It doesn't matter if you just want to share your thoughts or are a professional writer. Flipintu is a great platform to broaden your audience and: it shares the revenue generated through your contribution with you! Just mark the "affiliate system" checkbox when you register to find out more.




There are tons of free content on Flipintu. However, if you find something that catches your interest e.g. a book, there is no need to leave Flipintu - simply purchase it through the shop.


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