Don't search - Discovery is about finding!


It’s time to bring back a great discovery experience


Remember when you where strolling around in bookstores or flipping through the magazines on a newsstand? Being able to ask someone when you needed a recommendation on what to choose?

We think it is time to bring this kind of experience back - but this time within the digital world and its enormous possibilities!

We believe that:

  • Reading is about interesting and entertaining content, no matter if it's printed in a book or written by a blogger
  • Leveraging someone's usage data to learn about his or her preferences is a good way to support the discovery of new stuff; but we know that data alone is not sufficient
  • Data is not sufficient to provide for an really individual, or better: personal discovery journey
  • People - friends as well as peers with similar interests - are still one of the best sources of inspiration for our own reading and learning journey

All this has formed a clear picture of how we think a new way of discovery should look like. And you will soon be able to find it here on Flipintu!