When good reading reaches heart and mind - sharing is the most natural thing to do!


Sharing is not a one-way street!


Sure. Reading is something we usually do on our own. But wouldn't it be great if you had the opportunity to take friends and family with you on your reading journey? We think so. Book Clubs have a long tradition in many countries. Why not take that experience to the next, the digital, level?

Flipintu not only let's you share all the great stuff you have read, your favorite paragraphs or inspiring quotes. There are also many ways through which you can participate in the community. You could even start your own writing project!

And because sharing is not a one-way street at Flipintu, we share any revenue created through your content with you! We have no chance to continue building on this this great idea without any compensation - and neither do have as a writer or blogger. That is our definiton of sharing